SUN7 UV LED Nail Lamp
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SUN7 UV LED Nail Lamp

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Thousands of salons across the world trust their reputation to Sun7 UV LED lamps. 30 high-power LED beads in our closed-design 48 watt UV LED gel nail lamp ensure fast, even curing and customizable timing to bring even the most intricate nail designs to life.

Product Features

Auto On/Off: Turns on when your nails are in, off when they're not - or use the 5 second, 30 second, 60 second, or 90 second preset times and watch the countdown on the large LED screen to get the perfect cure.

Ultra-fast Curing Time: Use Double Power mode to harness our powerful LEDs and full-coverage design to cure in up to half the time of other UV lamps.

High Quality LEDs: Our UV LED bulbs will last up to 50,000 hours, enough for generations of nail art.

Safe & Gentle: Low Heat Mode provides 99 seconds of less intense curing for builder and hard gels. All mode use targeted 365 nm UV light + 405 nm LED light wavelengths to ensure that your eyes and skin stay protected while your nails get their TLC.

Sturdy design: Built for easy cleaning and faster curing for years of premium manicures and pedicures.

1 year warranty: Contact our customer support team with any issues or questions and we'll be there to help.


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