What makes a SunUV lamp a SunUV lamp

7 dic 2023

So it’s time for a new, or a first, nail lamp! If you’ve been eyeing SunUV lamps for a while, you know that we have quite a few models of our UV LED lamps.

Every design choice with our models is intentional, made to give you the best cure while being sustainable and safer for you than traditional UV Lamps.

SunUV lamps are LED UVs, as opposed to traditional UV Lamps.

LED UV lamps provide a number of benefits, including a longer life, long term brightness and sustainability.

LED lights can dry and cure gel nail polishes faster, and because the light array is evenly distributed it can avoid the discoloration and blistering of nails that happens under traditional UV lamps. SunUV Lamps use 365nm UV wavelengths to quickly cure gel nails and 405nm LED wavelengths to stabilize gel and lock in color. The targeted wavelengths and balanced wattage mean users get a complete cure on gel polishes while being gentler on skin.

LED UV lamps also benefit our environment, as they are made without mercury and other harmful materials and have limited light pollution and byproducts like ozone. These lamps consume less energy overall than traditional nail lamps as they eliminate the need for heat or a warm-up time, saving both money and the environment. SunUV lamps also have smart motion sensors to eliminate additional energy waste.

SunUV Lamps are designed to fit your needs.

Each of our different models has specific design choices made to fit your nail needs.

Some models like the Sun9C and Sun5 have a removable base for pedicures and easy clean up. Other models like the Sun1 and Sun2C have mirrored bases if you’re looking for a faster cure. Sun4 and Sun3 both offer an LED screen so you can watch the countdown on your timer.

Each model is designed to be lightweight and easy to set up, while meeting you where you are in your nail journey.

All of our models feature a motion sensor to automatically turn lights on when your nails are in and off when they’re not to save overall energy. SunUV designs are optimized to give you a quick curing time without wasting extra power that can cause damage to your skin and eyes without improving the cure on your nail polish.

SunUV cares about its customers.

Whichever model you choose for your needs, you’ll always know a SunUV lamp by its quality and reliability.  Our lamps are made to last and demonstrate the care we put into every design choice.

With SunUV’s 1-year warranty, you can also be confident that SunUV’s customer support team will help troubleshoot any questions that might come up.

SunUV lamps are an investment in salon-quality nails from the comfort of your home. The design and thought that goes into each SunUV lamp will help you create a luxury experience, wherever you are.