5 New Year’s Nail Resolutions for 2024

5 gen 2024

With the holidays behind us, it’s officially time to think about changes we want to make in the New Year. If you love the experience of getting your nails done, this can be a great time of year to experiment or push yourself to new colors and techniques you’ve been wanting to try.

Here are 5 resolutions that will take your nails farther in 2024.

1. Spend Less Money on Your Nails

Don’t get us wrong, a trip to the salon is always a treat. But if you’re looking for places to cut costs in the New Year, learning to do your nails at home is a great way to save money while keeping your nails looking great.

All you need to start doing gel nails at home are gel polishes and a quality UV LED lamp. A lightweight and easy to use model like the Sun9C UV LED Lamp is a great option for at-home beginners. It is also helpful to have other tools such as a nail file, buffer, and cuticle oil.


2. Mix Up Your Manicures

If you tend to gravitate towards the same colors or designs every time you do your nails, 2024 is the time to experiment with new designs.

For people who typically go for a French manicure, this could be the time to try the French design in new bold colors. If you’re ready for something new, psychedelic patterns and 3D nail art are interesting new trends that are predicted to rise in popularity in the coming year.


3. Stop Picking at Your Gels

Peeling off your gel manicure might seem like an easy solution to avoid an extra trip to the salon. But when you peel off your gel polish, you’re also peeling off the top layer of keratinocyte cells on your nail.

The best way to avoid picking at your gels is to remove them once they show signs of lifting, chipping, or significant growth, usually 2-3 weeks after initial application. And if you do pick off your polish, make sure to hydrate your nails and take extra good care of them in the days and weeks following.


4. Prioritize Nail Health

Whether you’re taking a break from nail polish to give your nails time to regrow or stopping your nail biting habit, the New Year is a great time to start fresh and commit to your nail health.

Experts recommend trimming your nails straight across and shaping them to eliminate snags and breakage. Hydration is also important, from using cuticle oil at the base of your nails to rubbing lotion into your fingernails when you use hand lotion.

If your nails need a little extra boost, applying a nail strengthener to bare nails can provide bonus support for nail regrowth.


5. Upgrade your Setup

If you’ve been committed to your at-home nail journey for a while, the New Year is a great opportunity to upgrade some of the tools you’ve been using. Maybe that means some new polishes in different colors, or a set of nail brushes so you can start learning nail art.

A new nail lamp can also be a great way to upgrade your nail set up. Try our Sun2C Lamp witha built-in pad to rest your hand while you focus on detailed designs. Or bring home the  Sun5 for total nail coverage and curing efficiency without taking up too much space.

Or, maybe this is the year you start your own nail art business! If you’re looking to make an investment in your career, a lamp like SunUV’s Sun4S that easily transports is a great upgrade so you can travel between clients while still providing a complete and powerful cure.

Whatever resolutions you choose for 2024, we wish you a happy New Year and happy New Nails!