SUNUV UV LED Nail Lamp/Nail Dryer SUN6 White

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12-month warranty and lifetime maintainance


Item specifics

*Open designed with removal bottom tray and portable handle, easy to be cleaned, used and carried.

*Ideal for personal and salon use.

*Suitable for curing all kinds of UV and LED nail gel polishes.

* No need to replace any light bulbs.

*Cures 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time in many ways.

*3 Timer Settings: 30s, 60s, 99s low heat mode

*Large LCD screen to show curing time.

*SUNUV SUN6 friendly, easy-to-reach support.

How to use

1. Apply a thin layer of the Gel Polishes according to its usage instructions to the clean, dry nail without touching the cuticle or skin alongside the nails.

2. Use the appropriate timer(30s/60s/99s low heat mode) as per your gel polish’s requirements. The lamp will automatically shut off after the specified time. Or use the auto-sensor, it would turn on or off automatically when you put hand/foot in or out.

3. Please note that curing time vary based on gel polish brand. SUNUV SUN6 is for all kinds of gel polishes only, not for regular nail polish. Ensure that your polish is compatible before purchase. For the best results, avoid moving your hand too much until curing is completed.

4. If gel polish is a little sticky after curing, please wipe your nails with a gentle cleanser or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky residue left behind. Enjoy your beautiful manicure or pedicure with SUNUV nail dryer!


SUNUV, the global leader in UV LED technology. Specialized in developing salon grade UV LED nail lamps since 2013. SUNUV is now serving over 5 million customers in over 100 countries with its vast product portfolio of over 20 models such as SUNONE, SUN2C, SUN3, SUN4, SUN5, SUN5plus, SUN6, SUN7, SUN8, SUN9C and more.