SUNUV 4 Inch Ultra-thin Recessed Lighting with UVC Disinfection System & Junction Box - 3000K CCT 2 Brightness LED Ceiling Light Auto Air Cleaning 18W UV + UVC Lamp 99.9% Disinfection Rate

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12-month warranty and lifetime maintainance

Item specifics:

Ensure the Safety of Family by Just Change the Light
Auto Sanitizing, 99.9% Disinfecting Rate
SUNUV Lighting is blazing the trail in integrating UV-C disinfection into LED lighting. Intelligent, automatic disinfection, air-cleaning, and illumination 3-in-1. Boasting a disinfection rate up to 99.9%—with no excess radiation, no ozone produced, and no residual chemicals.
Automatic disinfection, air-cleaning, and lighting 3-in-1

3-In-1 UV-C Disinfection Light
You're not only get a recessed light, but also an effective UV-C sanitizing system which kill 99.9% germs, bacteria and virus.
99.9% Disinfection rate, 96 ft large disinfection area.

Kills 99% Bacteria and Virus
UVC LED produces UV lights at wavelength between 260-280nm can destroy 99.9% DNA/RNA of virus and bacteria effectively, not only germs!

Personal Sanitizing System for Home
Hospital and Boeing aircraft around the world use UV-C to disinfect the space and stuff surface, now you can take them home easily.

Chemical Free, Better & Safer
No more ozone! Ozone is a harmful chemical that can cause severe coughs, headaches and damage the central nervous system!

Simplest Installation Upgrade Your Lighting
The low profile UV lighting is suitable for retrofit and new decoration, the installation can be completed in minutes.