★★★★★ Over 45,000+ Glowing Reviews

Over 45,000+ Glowing Reviews

Salon Luxury
at DIY Prices

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Most importantly, you can be confident of the authenticity of our best-in-class products. We back our products with attentive customer support.

We set our partners up for success with deep product discounts, low MOQs, quality marketing collateral to drive your marketing initiatives, and options to customize our products.

Partner Benefits:

Best-in-class product and customer support 

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MOQ as low as 120 units

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Customization opportunities 

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Global Leader In UV LED Technology

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It's no wonder SUNUV lamps are all over TikTok and in local salons.

Our team is here to help bring our top quality lamps to your shoppers.

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Over 45,000+ Glowing Reviews

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Salon Luxury at DIY Prices

SUNUV brings salon quality lamps to nail professionals and home creators. Join us and illuminate your nail art.