How to Choose the Right SunUV Lamp for You

3 ene 2024

With over 20 models, SunUV has a lamp for everyone from budding nail artists to experienced techs. But if you’re new to the world of gel polish, figuring out which lamp is right for you can be challenging. Read below for some of the details of our models and how to choose the right SunUV lamp for your nail needs.

For beginners

If you’re just getting started on your nail art journey, you’re likely looking for a lamp that will be lightweight and straightforward to use, while still being made with high quality materials that are going to give you a strong and efficient cure on your nails.

Our Sun9C UV LED Lamp is a great option for those new to doing nails. It’s suitable for use with all nail gels, including hard gels and gem glue. It also has an open design, making this model compatible with both manicures and pedicures, and allowing for easy cleanup. This means you’re able to experiment with all forms of nail art using this one lamp. With an auto-sensor and timer option, you are able to adapt your cure time as needed for the polish you are using. Its lower wattage and 18 LED beads also means it’s gentler on skin than similar UV LED Lamps.

For the at-home nail artist

If you’re more experienced with nail art and looking to upgrade your set up, our nail lamp models for creators are great options for you.

The Sun1 Lamp is one of our most popular models and has received thousands of glowing reviews. Whether you’re just getting started with nails or are more experienced with home nail art, the Sun1 Lamp is a great option for you.

The Sun1 Lamp offers 5, 30, and 60 second timers as well as an auto sensor to give you the cure you need without overheating or wasting power. The mirrored base and full-coverage design means your nails will cure faster, up to half the time of other UV Lamps. The base is also removable for pedicures and easy cleanup.

In addition to the auto-sensor, timer, and wattage options, the Sun2C Lamp offers users a built-in pad so they can rest their hand and focus on nail art. This model also features an LED screen so you can watch the timer and make sure your nails are cured just right.

With 24 high-power LED beads, the Sun5 model gives optimal coverage and curing efficiency without taking up too much space. This model also features a double power mode for faster curing and a low heat mode for less intense curing of builder and hard gels.

For professionals and salons

For those people who are nail techs or operating their own salons, our Sun3, Sun4, and Sun5 lamps are great options. 

Sun3 is a salon-ready model made to give you control over every element of your nail art, from the timer options to the various heat options. This model has evenly distributed LEDs and dual light sources from UVs and LED lights to give you the perfect cure.


The Sun4 Lamp is widely used in professional salons and can cure gel polishes in up to half the time of other lamps. The specific wide comfort base means there’s plenty of space for both manicures and pedicures, and makes cleanup a breeze! The upgraded Sun4S model still gives that same powerful cure, but in one easy-to-transport, durable piece, making this a great option for traveling nail techs.

The Sun5 model is a great option for creators and has all the features that a professional nail tech looks for in a nail lamp. With a range of use options from low heat to double power, the versatility of this lamp means it’s a fantastic choice, whoever you are. The model’s removable base also allows for pedicures and easy clean up.

Whatever model you choose, our lamps are built to last. SunUV Lamps are an investment that users can rely on for thousands of manicures. And if for some reason your lamp doesn’t suit your needs, SunUV offers a 1 year warranty on all lamps to make sure you find the right model for you.