How to Choose, Set Up, and Use Your SunUV Lamp

28 nov 2023

Maybe you’re a frequenter of your local salon and are looking for cheaper ways to have your nails done. Or maybe you’re a home-polish expert, but looking for ways your mani can last longer. Either way, at-home gel manicures are the next step in your nail polish journey, and that means buying a nail lamp.

UV lamps can be intimidating, especially if you’ve only ever gotten gel manicures done at the salon. Luckily, SunUV lamps are straightforward, easy to set up and use for a salon-quality manicure from the comfort of your home.

Why Choose SunUV

SunUV lamps are LED UV, which means they have longer life, higher curing efficiency, and are more environmentally friendly than typical UV Lights. LED UV lights are also able to cure immediately without requiring time to warm up.

SunUV lamps are made with high quality materials that are made to last. We have more than 20 different models made to meet you where you are, whether you’re a newcomer to nail art or a professional looking for equipment for your salon.

If you plan on using our lamps for pedicures, consider models like the Sun2 or Sun5C that have removable bases to make pedicure curing and cleaning up quick and easy.

Setting up your SunUV Lamp

SunUV lamps are designed to be lightweight and simple to set up and use. All you have to do to set up your new lamp is to plug the adapter into the port on the lamp and plug the other end into an outlet. Easy!

Putting your nails underneath the lamp activates the smart motion sensor and begins the curing process. You can also hit the power button on your lamp to set a timer, usually 30 seconds or 60 seconds depending on the model you’ve chosen.

Always be sure to use your lamp in a clean, dry area, and keep your lamp on a stable surface while in use. When you’re done curing your nails, simply unplug your lamp! You can clean your lamp by wiping it down with a dry microfiber cloth after it has cooled down. If you need more cleaning power, you can wet the microfiber cloth with water or a mild cleaner, then make sure it’s dry before you put it away.

Once it’s clean and dry, you can store your lamp in a dry and ventilated area until you’re ready for your next manicure.

How to Use your SunUV Lamp

Once your SunUV Lamp is set up, it’s time to get polishing!

All good manicures and pedicures begin by prepping your nails, cutting and filing to your desired shape. Clean and dry your nails for best results. Then, apply a thin layer of gel and cure as per the gel polish manufacturer’s instructions between each layer.

SunUV lamps can be used to cure any ordinary gel polish. You can set a timer on SunUV lamps based on what cure time is recommended by your nail polish brand.

You can even use your SunUV lamp for crafts with UV resin, like jewelry charms and pendants that are made in a mold and cured under a lamp in minutes.

And voila! No more waiting hours for nails or crafts to fully dry, or spending upwards of $50 at the salon twice a month. Doing your nails has never been easier.